Sunday, May 29, 2011

Other Preserving Methods

Fermentation is but one of many ways of preserving one's bounty and harvest. I've decided to explore some other ways. Yesterday I packed Kat, and Tristen into the car and off to Baugher's farm we went. They offer a U-Pick service where you pick your own fruits. We ended up with a peck (approximately 18 pints, I think) of fresh ripe strawberries.
Today we cut the stems off and sliced them up. I then boiled them with sugar a bit of acid blend and a dose of pectin.
Then using a canning method called the water bath method, I hot packed the jars and sealed them.
Here is the result.

I have also made some cheese. I'll post more on that at another time.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Brew Antics

Yesterday, Wes stopped by and off to the brew shop we went. I needed some more of those handy EZ- Cap bottles and some sanitizer.

After returning home from the LHBS we got to work. First order of the day was to sanitize the bottles for Wes' Lawnmower Saison. We scrubbed, sanitized and jet blasted the bottles.
Then we filled the bottles using the autosiphone and bottling wand method. Quick and messy and low tech.

Te ran out of the 16 oz. EZ Cap bottles for Wes' saison so I had some spare crown cap bottles to finish the job.

Next was to take care of my Honey Nut Brown Ale. It tastes almost like Newcastle's version. Yum! My beer was quick to bottle due to me using 1 liter bottles.

Now it's time to let our respective beers rest and carbonate. Then after a week or so, it's into the refrigerator.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Brewing Plans

Plans for tomorrow include a trip to the brew shop for some more 1 liter EZ Cap bottles. Wes' Lawnmower Saizon will be bottled next Saturday. My Honey Nut Brown Ale will be racked to secondary tomorrow. I'll also open a bottle of my American Amber Ale to ensure that it carbonated properly.
Nothing going into primary this weekend. Too much other stuff going on. I'll be supporting Kat (my soon to be wife) at her chemistry presentation after traveling to the brew shop for supplies. Afterwards, I'll be seeing my niece in a play "Tiny Thumblelina". Sunday is mother's day. I'll be taking my mom and Kat out to brunch. Then, grandma will be at the house for a bit.