Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hard Day's Night

Tonight, Wes stopped by to help bottle 5 gallons of lager,and 5 gallons of pumpkin ale.
We ran out of our handy flip top bottles and had to rely on an odd stock of crown cap bottles that I've collected over the past few months.
It was not pretty but we got 10 gallons of beer in bottles. I still have another 5 gallons lager to get into bottles soon. I'm debating if I should put it into a cornelious keg. The only things keeping me from doing this sooner rather than later is the fact that I need to refill my CO2 bottle and I do not have a kegerator yet.

Still working on scheduling the wine bottle cleaning party. But with this being the first week back from my honeymoon, I don't think I'm doing too bad.