Sunday, May 29, 2011

Other Preserving Methods

Fermentation is but one of many ways of preserving one's bounty and harvest. I've decided to explore some other ways. Yesterday I packed Kat, and Tristen into the car and off to Baugher's farm we went. They offer a U-Pick service where you pick your own fruits. We ended up with a peck (approximately 18 pints, I think) of fresh ripe strawberries.
Today we cut the stems off and sliced them up. I then boiled them with sugar a bit of acid blend and a dose of pectin.
Then using a canning method called the water bath method, I hot packed the jars and sealed them.
Here is the result.

I have also made some cheese. I'll post more on that at another time.

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  1. I also get my strawberries from a 'Pick Your Own' farm. It only takes about 20 minutes (if that) to get what I need for wine, so I always pick far too much - and the rest often is turned into jam (which rarely sets).

    Presumably your cheese wasn't made from strawberries?